Group Bookings

We receive questions about accommodation bookings for groups all of the time.  So much so that we’ve dedicated a page to answer some of the most common questions we receive which will hopefully help if you are considering booking a group to stay at our hotel.

Q) Do you take bookings for groups?

A) Absolutely we do.  We have 52 rooms across our two hotels with different configurations and can cater for any group within this capacity.

Q) Can breakfast and dinner be provided or included in the rates?

A) Again this is a definite yes.  The George Kerferd Hotel is well setup to cater for groups and we can provide quotations that include a variety of breakfast and/or dinner options.

Q) Can we have a tour of your hotel prior to booking?

A) We are always happy to show potential guests around our hotel and would be glad to give you a guided tour.  It is best to organise this beforehand to ensure we have availability to spend the time with you.  This is also a great opportunity to have a chat about your group stay.

Q) How do we book?

A) Firstly, we’ll need to know when you are looking to stay (checkin and checkout dates), how many people / rooms you will be requiring and what type of catering you will be wanting.  From there we can have a conversation about availability and provide you with a formal quotation.

Q) Do you offer discounts for group bookings?

A) Probably our most common question, this really depends on the timing of the stay, the number of days, how many rooms are required and what additional items there are in the quotation.  We always make our best efforts to be as competitive as possible with pricing but any discounts really are considered on a case by case basis.

Q) At what point will the rooms be closed or the booking confirmed?

A) As a rule we do not close our rooms off or reserve until a quotation has been accepted and a deposit paid.  We are happy to work with the organisers to ensure the booking process is as smooth as possible.  The most common process is for bookings to all go through a central contact who manages all contact and collection of payment from individual guests, this is our preferred method.